We undertake observations during consented building projects that require a Producer Statement – Construction Review (PS4). The PS4 requirements are typically listed within Section C of the approved building consent for Auckland Council consents.

The PS4 requirements for any project are determined by the local authority when a building consent is issued. PS4’s are issued once the element being observed has been physically sighted by an engineer and confirmed as adequate.

In order to complete an observation for any project we will require the following information:

Client name
Site address
Building consent number
Copy of the building consent conditions (digital or hard copy)
Type of observation required
Date observation is required
Time observation is required
Time concrete is being poured (if applicable)
Site contact name and phone number
Hutchinson job number (if known)
Clients job number (if known)
It would be helpful during concrete pours if there was some indication as to the time the concrete was being delivered.

Please contact our administration team to book your observation
09 426 5702 / admin@hc.co.nz

* At least 24 hours notice is preferred for all observations.